How Do I Forward AT&T Voice Mail?

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Easily forward voice mails with your AT&T phone.

Voice mail is an easy system of storing and listening to messages left by friends, family and business contacts. If your service provider is AT&T, you can access your voice mail and manage your settings by simply calling your number from your phone. In some cases, it is necessary to forward a particular message to another user. Learn to do this easily by following the phone prompts in your voice mail.

Step 1

Access your voice message box. Dial your phone number on your phone and hit the green phone icon on your number pad to place the call.

Step 2

Press "6" on your phone's keypad after the message you would like to forward has played.

Step 3

Record comments that you would like to attach to the message. After the beep, record a short introduction to the message you are forwarding and then press the "#" key.

Step 4

Enter the phone number of the person you would like to forward your message.

Step 5

Hit the "#" key to send your message to the desired recipient.


You can only forward voice mail messages to other AT&T users.