How do I Get Free Access to Alt.Binaries Newsgroups?

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Usenet newsgroups, which are web-based discussion groups, can bring people together from all over the world. The alt.binaries newsgroups contain pictures and sometimes discussion on a variety of subjects, like movies, animals and kids. To access binary newsgroups, you need a client, or program, capable of connecting to the newsgroup.


Step 1

Check if you already have a program on your computer with a built-in newsgroup client. Many programs, such as Windows Live Mail and Lotus Notes, come with newsgroup readers. When using these clients, you have the advantage of already knowing how to operate other aspects of the software.

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Step 2

Download and install an open-source newsgroup client. Many of these clients also do other things on your computer. Mozilla Thunderbird, for example, also serves as an email tool. Other programs include Arena, KNode and Pan. Because these programs are open source and written by many people around the world, they can vary greatly in quality. However, you can try them all for free.



Step 3

Use a web-based newsgroup client. Some websites allow access to alt.binary newsgroups for free. The web clients feature a simple interface and do not require downloading anything to your computer.



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