How Do I Get Internet on My Laptop Away From Home?

Internet connections away from home are simple to initiate.

Accessing the Internet away from home on a laptop has become a common feature of daily living. Wireless access lets you connect to your communication tools as you normally would at home. Most laptops come with wireless connection cards that allow cable-less Internet connections. Options available include public wireless networks and mobile wireless connection cards. Connecting your laptop to the Internet while away from home has become a simple process.

Public Wireless Connections

Step 1

Find a business or other establishment that provides wireless Internet access ("hotspots") for customers. Many restaurants, bookstores, airports and cafes offer the option, as do many libraries. Determine the pricing for a connection. Some locations charge a per-diem or per-hour fee for accessing their networks; at other places, Internet access is free.

Step 2

Open your laptop's network connections utility. Review the available connections in your immediate area. The location you have chosen should appear in the list as an unsecured network. If you have trouble identifying the connection, talk to a customer-service representative.

Step 3

Open your web browser. Accept the terms and conditions of the provider and begin browsing.

Mobile Wireless Connection Cards

Step 1

Identify a suitable connection card. Many wireless cell phone carriers also provide Internet access cards. These cards provide Internet access for a monthly fee. Review the contract terms and conditions when selecting a model suitable for your situation.

Step 2

Install the Internet connection card. These come in flash drive formats--uou install the software from the card. Insert the connection card to a free USB port on your laptop. When the software auto-starts, follow the installation instructions.

Step 3

Initiate the software program installed from the card. The software facilitates your connection to the network.

Step 4

Connect to the Internet. Open your web browser and begin surfing the Internet.


Be aware that if you're on an unsecured network, anything you send or do online can be seen by others.

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