How Do I Get My Samsung Phone to Ring Louder?

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Samsung phones typically have a quieter ring tone than most other cell phones. Fortunately, phones produced by Samsung can be configured to increase the ring volume by using a "secret code." The code is entered into the phone's input box as if you were making a call. A configuration menu will then appear. This menu will allow you to increase the audio volume for the earpiece as well as the phone's speakers. Increasing the volume of the phone's speakers increases the volume of the ring.


Step 1

Enter the following string on the phone's keypad:

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Step 2

Press the green "Call" or "Send" button. The Configuration Menu will appear.

Step 3

Tap option "8" to select "Audio Configuration."

Step 4

Tap option "3" to select "Speaker Configuration." Speaker configuration controls the volume of the ring.


Step 5

Tap option "3" to select "Call Configuration."

Step 6

Tap option "3" to select "Speaker Codec Gain."


Step 7

Tap option "4" corresponding to the "cod_rx" selection.


Step 8

Enter the number "4" or greater to increase the default audio volume of the phone.

Step 9

Press the "End Call" key.

Step 10

Reboot the phone by turning it off and removing, then re-inserting, the battery. Turn the phone back on. The default audio volume should now be louder.

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