How Do I Look Up a Criminal Record for Free With No Registration?

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You can use publicly available government records to complete a criminal record search at no cost.
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In today's society, meeting new people through apps and the internet is more probable than chance encounters on the street. While this type of culture certainly allows people from all walks of life to connect in ways that were not possible previously, it also creates its fair share of challenges and potential issues.


For some people, taking the chance to meet someone face-to-face that they met online feels more secure if they can do some preliminary research on the individual in question. With that in mind, running a criminal record check may not be entirely out of the question. There are a few services you can use to gain access to low-cost or free criminal background checks.


A criminal record search on an individual may help you create an initial assessment of their credibility. Fortunately, you can use publicly available government records to complete a criminal record search at no cost.

Basics of Online Background Checks

If you decide that you want to run a criminal record check on someone, you should set some realistic expectations about the information you hope to find. When an individual is arrested for a specific crime, the information concerning the crime in question may not automatically end up on their report. For starters, the individual must be convicted of the crime in question. Also, depending on the nature of the crime, it is possible that an individual who either pleaded guilty or no-contest to a crime could have their record sealed or expunged.


In either scenario, details of the crime are unavailable to the general public. When a record is sealed or expunged, the action provides individuals with the legal right to say they have never been convicted of a crime. For example, when an individual with a sealed record tells a potential employer that he has not been convicted of a crime, he is not lying in the legal sense of the term.

Free Government Background Checks

If you are still interested in running an online criminal record check on another individual, take the time to explore available options online. While many platforms claim to offer free criminal records or background check services, expenses and costs are revealed later on in the sign-up process.


If you are serious about obtaining accurate and timely information regarding a person's criminal history and are adamant about not paying for this information, you may need to engage in a lengthier search process using the National Association of Counties. Given the fact that the majority of criminal cases are a matter of public record, this information is technically obtainable at no cost to a user.

If you have information regarding the specific county an individual lived in, you should be able to find the information you are looking for regarding any history of criminal activity in that location. This implies, of course, that you have information about the individual's prior living history. This method of search is undeniably the best method for obtaining accurate results at no charge. With other paid search services, you may find yourself disappointed by underwhelming or inaccurate search results.