How to Find Someone's Divorce Date

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Divorce Date

People need a divorce date for different reasons. These include; ancestry research, re-marrying, for personal financial reasons and for probates. You may want to find out if someone is divorced. Unless you have copies of the divorce papers, finding the date of divorce may take some research. These are some steps to help you find a date of divorce.


Step 1

Determine the location and the court where the divorce took place. This will help a great deal and save lots of time. If you don't know or remember this information you can still do a search, it will just take additional efforts.

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Step 2

Visit the Court where the divorce was officially declared to find the divorce date. Generally, a manual request form has to be completed with personal information about the parties. Follow the court clerk's instructions and obtain the date of divorce. This is generally done for free, but some courts may charge a fee.


Step 3

Contact family members and ex spouses to get the divorce date. This may take extra effort and you'll have to rely on third party non official information. This may be a good source if all you need is an approximate time frame. Also, someone in the family may have a copy of an old newspaper where the divorced has been published.



Step 4

Use one of several public records search directories, also known as look up services. These services usually charge a small registration fee. These directories search information from government public records. Once you register, you may use the directory to find other information and records you may need to complete a research.



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