How to Find Out About a Divorce Status

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When someone gets a divorce, there are quite a few legal steps that need to be taken before the divorce is final. In some states, the process of getting a divorce can be very long, costly and stressful, while in other states, getting a divorce is easy and painless (as it can be, anyway). It all really depends. It can be relatively easy for you to check the status of your own divorce, but if you want to know the status of someone else's divorce, it might not be as simple. There are various ways to check the status of a divorce.


Step 1

Call the courthouse. You always have the option to call the family court to ask about the status of a divorce. In some places, this is considered public knowledge. When you contact the courthouse be sure to ask for the clerks office. Once you have reached the clerks office you will need ask what the status of a divorce is. You will need the first and last names of the people getting a divorce. You may be required to verify certain information, such as social security numbers.


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Step 2

Go to the courthouse. Once your at the courthouse go to the clerk's office. You can also go there in person and ask what the status of the divorce is. If you're the person getting divorced, it can be very easy to obtain this information. However, if you are not the person getting divorced, the family court may not give you this information over the phone depending on what the privacy laws are for that particular state. In some states, the status of a divorce is public while in other states it is private. Just like in Step 1, you will need the first and last names of the people who are getting a divorce, and if you go the court in person, you will most likely need to provide verification of who you are or have social security numbers depending on the privacy laws.


Step 3

Call your lawyer. Your lawyer should always have your information updated, and she should be able to advise you of the status of your divorce. Most lawyers typically don't give out information to third parties unless the client gives them permission ahead of time.

Step 4

Go online. Another way to check the status of a divorce is to go on the Internet. There are various websites available, such as, which will allow you to check the status of a divorce or obtain other records for a small fee. Once you go to the Vital Check website scroll down then click on the link that says "divorce record." Once you click on this link, you will then be taken to another screen where you will be asked some questions, such as the state where the divorce occurred, city, county, date and reason. Once you answer the first few questions, you will either be taken to a screen to pay and view the divorce record, or you will be advised that the divorce is not final and there is no record yet. This will be how you find out if the divorce is not final. Once it is final the records can be easily accessed. You will not be charged unless the divorce is final.


Step 5

Wait. After a divorce is final, the two people who filed for divorce will receive notification in the mail stating that the divorce is final.



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