How Do I Print My Contacts in Yahoo?

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Yahoo Mail users with many contacts in their Yahoo address book may find it helpful to print hard copies of this address book. This is especially true of users whose address books do not only contain email addresses but also telephone numbers and other contact information. The "Tools" feature in Yahoo Contacts enables you to print the address book.


Signing In

Sign in to the Yahoo Contacts page by providing your Yahoo user name and password in the "Yahoo ID" and "Password" fields respectively. Clicking on the "Sign in" button. This is important because the Yahoo address book is a component of Yahoo Contacts.

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Printing Preferences

Click on the "Tools" button and then select "Print." You are redirected to the "Printing Preferences" page. This option enables you to choose how you would like your Yahoo address book printed.


If you would like to print your entire Yahoo address book, select "Your entire Address Book" next to the "Print" section located under "Printing Preferences." If you would like to see details pertaining to each contact in your Yahoo address book, such as phone numbers and email addresses, then select "Detailed View" next to the "Layout" section. Choosing these options ensures that the printed copy of your Yahoo address book contains as much information about each of your contacts as possible.

Select the "Display for printing" button. This option allows you to see a preview of what your printed Yahoo address book will look like. Click on the "File" button on your browser and then select "Print." You have successfully printed hard copies of your Yahoo address book.


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