How Do I Print Transparent Stickers With My Printer?

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Although printers typically print on plain white paper, they are by no means limited to that. They can print on paper of any color, and they can also print on transparencies. Some of these sheets of transparent paper are actually sticker sheets, and by using them you can create transparent stickers. Many sheets of transparent sticker paper come precut in shapes such as circles and rectangles, though others are unmodified and can be manually cut with scissors.


Step 1

Determine if your printer uses laser or inkjet technology. This is often stated on the front panel of the printer itself. If you can't find the information there, refer to your printer's manual.

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Step 2

Acquire transparent sticker paper that's appropriate for your type of printer. Some brands have specific products for inkjet printers or laser printers, while others are compatible with both. Most office stores will carry a selection, and many varieties can also be purchased online. Try to find paper that fits your needs. For instance, if these stickers are for mailing envelopes, find sheets that have been precut into rectangles.


Step 3

Place the sticker paper into your printer tray. In most cases, you want the labels to be facing down, as printers typically print on that side.

Step 4

Open a word processor or image editor and carefully arrange the data so it will be printed onto the right surface. For instance, if you're printing addresses for envelopes, make sure that the addresses are spaced in such a way that each one falls neatly onto one of the stickers. To do so, use a ruler to measure the length and height of the stickers, as well as the distance between them. (This information may also come with the sticker sheets.) Many word processors and image editing software have rulers at the top and side of the screen. Use these to gauge where your text should fall.


Step 5

Print your document. With most programs, this is done by clicking File and then Print. Alternatively, there may simply be a Print Icon that you can press on the program's toolbar. It will look like a printer with paper coming out of it.

Step 6

Check to make sure that the printer has printed the labels on the stickers. If it missed, repeat Step 4 paying special attention to where you place the data.

Step 7

If you are using an unmodified sticker sheet, cut the stickers using a pair of scissors.

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