How Do I Transfer From iPhoto to Iphone?

By Art Corvelay

iPhoto is a photo application that runs on Mac OSX. It allows you to create and organize digital photo albums on your computer. You may, however, want to load those photos onto your iPhone so you can share them with others when you are not at your computer. You can sync content from your computer to your iPhone using the iTunes application.

Things You'll Need

  • iTunes
  • iPhone cable

Step 1

Plug your iPhone into your computer. This should launch iTunes automatically. If it does not, open iTunes.

Step 2

Find your iPhone in the left column of iTunes and select it. The "Summary" of the iPhone displays in the main viewing pane.

Step 3

Click the "Photos" tab across the top of iTunes to open the photo syncing options.

Step 4

Click the check box next to "Sync photos from." Then select "iPhoto" from the drop-down menu next to the check box. This loads and displays of your iPhoto albums.

Step 5

Choose to sync all photo albums or select specific albums. To sync all photos from your iPhoto library, click the radio button next to "All photos." To select specific photos, click the radio button next to "Selected folders" and select from the list of albums.

Step 6

Click the "Sync" button in the lower right-hand corner. Photos from your iPhoto library will transferred to your iPhone.