How to Send Multiple Photos From a Samsung Cell Phone

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If you have a Samsung multimedia messaging phone with a built-in camera, you can send multiple photos from your device. You can share photos from your device using MMS messages or email. Sending multiple photos from your phone requires you subscribe to a multimedia data plan.

Step 1

Press the "Menu" key on your Samsung phone and select "Gallery." Select "Pictures" and choose a photo. If given the option, select multiple photos you want to send.


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Step 2

Select "Share," and choose the method in which you want to share your photo. Some Samsung phones may not have this option. Depending upon the model of your phone, you may have to press the "Menu" key and select "Send via MMS" or "Send Via "Email."


Step 3

Select "Attach" followed by "Gallery," and then "Picture." Select another picture you want to send. Complete this step if you were not able to attach multiple photos initially.


Step 4

Enter the recipient(s) mobile phone number or email address in the appropriate field.

Step 5

Enter text in the body of the message to accompany the pictures. Press the "Send" key to forward your message.



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