How to Send Pictures Through Bluetooth

By Meaghan Ellis

Sending pictures could never be easier than doing so with Bluetooth. The Bluetooth feature is a viable communication wave-link that enables electronic devices to share and transfer media, such as pictures, music and even videos without any physical connection. In most cases, users opt to send their cell phone pictures to their computer as a form of uploading. But, the majority of the work is done through the cell phone. With user-friendly configuration, you can enable the Bluetooth feature on your cell phone or computer to easily send pictures, free of charge.

Things You'll Need

  • Bluetooth component on the phone and computer

Step 1

Press the cell phone's "MENU" or "OK" key, and navigate to the pictures folder in the phone.

Step 2

Scroll through the phone's saved pictures, and locate the picture you want to send from the cell phone's picture folder.

Step 3

Press the phone's right soft key, to access the pictures' "Options" menu. Select the "Send" action in the Options' pop-up menu.

Step 4

Choose the "Bluetooth" sending option in the sub-menu. You will be prompted to power on the phone's Bluetooth component.

Step 5

Press the phone's "MENU" or "OK" button to select the "Yes" option, and confirm enabling the Bluetooth component. The phone's Bluetooth menu will open automatically.

Step 6

Opt to search for compatible Bluetooth-enabled electronic devices by selecting the "Look for Devices" option in the Bluetooth menu. (The phone has to be paired with the receiving device for pictures to be sent successfully.) The phone's Bluetooth component will begin searching for devices in close range.

Step 7

Select the receiving electronic device's name from the list of devices found by your phone's Bluetooth search. A request to accept the sent picture will be sent to the receiving device. When the request is accepted, the picture will be automatically sent from your phone to the receiving device.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure the Bluetooth component is enabled on the electronic device you're sending to. If the component is not on, the phone will not be able to find the other electronic device.
  • Some cell phones and computers do not come with Bluetooth capability. In most cases, more recent versions of cell phones and computers offer the feature.
  • If both devices do not have Bluetooth, there will be no way to establish a network connection.