How to Send Pictures Through Bluetooth

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Bluetooth-enabled devices are typically capable of sending and receiving photos. Learning how to send pictures via Bluetooth is relatively easy, with a few variations based on the device type. Most often, you're sending Bluetooth photos via smart phone, but you can also send through tablets that have Bluetooth built into the device. Additionally, some camera platforms have Bluetooth transfer capabilities. For example, Nikon SnapBridge transfers high-resolution photos to a smart phone in social media-friendly formats through a Bluetooth connection. It's efficient, instant and connects the devices without internet or cell service.


Why Send Bluetooth Pictures

The major advantage for using Bluetooth to send and receive photos is that you don't require an internet connection or cell service. Otherwise, you could simply send photos using text, email or even social media accounts. These are all intuitive delivery methods on smart phone and tablet devices. In some cases however, you may not have reliable service but still want to move photos between devices. You may be on a remote cruise or a trek through Alaska and want to transfer a few photos from a DSLR to a smart phone or from your smart phone to a Bluetooth-capable tablet or computer. When the devices are connected and have a medium through which to send the photos, it's an easy task to complete.


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Transfer Apps

There is one catch to making a Bluetooth photo transfer. You need an app to make the transfer happen. You also need the app on both devices. The purpose of a Bluetooth file or photo transfer app is to read the document and act as a bridge during the transfer. In the previous Nikon case, you must use their specific SnapBridge app to move pictures from the camera to your phone or tablet. Moving pictures between phones and tablets, however, is typically easy with a common photo transfer app. There are plenty of options available at no cost in your Google Play or iTunes store.


Activating Bluetooth

Before attempting a transfer, make sure Bluetooth is activated on both devices. In many cases, the shortcut menu will have a Bluetooth icon that you can simply tap to activate. In other cases, you'll have to access your device menu and search for Bluetooth under the connections option. With Bluetooth activated on both devices, they're ready to connect through a transfer app.


Transferring Pictures

Transferring pictures is a simple matter of opening the transfer app and selecting the photos you want to send. After the photos are selected, you must choose the correct device to pair them and complete the connection. Transferring photos requires only a few seconds after you have the devices paired.