How Do I Troubleshoot My Digital Picture Frame?

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Digital picture frames are the newest way to show off pictures around your home or office. You can show multiple pictures at once, rather than one picture per frame. You can add unique transitions between pictures and some frames even let you add music. Many digital picture frames can copy pictures to and from your computer, and some can even e-mail pictures. As with most technology, though, you can run into problems. You can troubleshoot many problems with your digital picture frame on your own.


Step 1

If your frame will not turn on, make sure the frame is plugged all the way into an outlet. If it is plugged correctly into a working outlet, make sure the other end of the cord is plugged all the way into the frame. You should also make sure you are using the cord that came with your digital picture frame. Finally, if your frame will not turn on, make sure the power switch is positioned completely over to the "On" position.


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Step 2

Check the picture format of your pictures if all of your pictures are not showing up on your frame. Most digital picture frames only accept pictures in the JPEG format. Make sure your digital camera is set to save pictures in the correct format. This process will vary from camera to camera. Check your camera manual to find out how to do this.


Step 3

Push the reset button if your frame freezes up as it is scrolling through pictures. Most pictures will have a reset button on the back or side of the frame. Use a slim object to press this button if you cannot reach it by hand.

Step 4

Make sure the USB cord is connected properly between your digital picture frame and computer if you are having problems transferring or copying pictures between the two. Try switching USB ports if it is still not working. Also make sure both devices are turn on.



Step 5

Check the wireless router information if you have a digital picture frame that is supposed to have wireless capabilities and is not connecting. Ensure that your wireless router and network are running before you turn the digital picture frame on. Check the information on your digital picture frame to make sure it matches your network settings. If it doesn't connect digital picture frame to the correct wireless network.


Step 6

Run a diagnostic test if your digital picture frame has those capabilities. The diagnostic test may give you an error code that you can look up on the website of the manufacturer or use to contact the manufacturer.




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