How Do I View Two Excel Spreadsheets on My Two Monitors?

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How Do I View Two Excel Spreadsheets on My Two Monitors?
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A computer setup with dual monitors can vastly improve job efficiency if you need to access data from one product and transfer it to another. Rather than spend an enormous amount of time shifting back and forth between software products, you can place one set of software on one monitor for data gathering and the software product you need to transfer the data to on the second monitor. If you need to access data in one Excel spreadsheet and place some of it in another Excel spreadsheet, you will save time by using the dual monitor setup.


Step 1

Open Excel and access the file you want to retrieve the data from.

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Step 2

Place the open Excel file on the monitor of your choice.

Step 3

Open the Excel program again from your desktop or the Start menu and drag the newly opened version of Excel to the monitor not currently taken.


Step 4

Access the Excel file you wish to enter data into in the newly opened copy of Excel.




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