How Does an Ikea TV Mount Work?

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Ikea TV mounts let you attach TVs to walls with minimal assembly.
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Flat screen and other types of TVs are able to be mounted to walls, saving floor space by eliminating the need for TV stands, adding a modern design aesthetic to any space. Ikea makes a TV mount, as do many other manufacturers. In general, all TV mounts work the same: the provide a stable place on your wall to hang your TV safely. However, different mounts have different parts and assembly instructions, and some might work better than others on different walls or for different TVs.


Uppleva Ormo

The Uppleva Ormo is one flat screen wall mount option made by Ikea. It allows you to install the bracket onto your wall, then secure the TV onto the bracket. Mark on your wall where you want to install the bracket, then attach the bolts that come with the mount to the back of your TV. Next, attach the bracket to the wall. The TV is held in place when the bolts on the back of the TV connect to the wall bracket. The bracket allows the TV to hang on it using the supplied bolts. This model works for TVs between 32 and 50 inches wide and that weigh less than 132 pounds.


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The Framsta is another Ikea-made wall mounting device for flat screen TVs. While the Uppleva Ormo is a horizontal bracket that attaches to a wall, the Framsta is two vertical brackets that attach to a panel, sold separately. The brackets run parallel to each other and perpendicular to the floor. You attach screws and fasteners to the back of your TV. Those line up to the two vertical brackets, and the brackets allow the TV to hang. This device is good for TVs between 37 and 60 inches and that weigh 132 pounds or less.



While the Ikea TV wall mounts are relatively inexpensive (around $20 each as of 2011) and easy to install, you should use caution when hanging and using your TV. Your TV likely costs hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, and if it falls from your wall, it can be damaged forever. Use a stud finder to find the studs behind drywall, which are much sturdier for hanging TV mounts on than just attaching to the drywall. Also, do not use excessive force to bend or move the TV when it is mounted. These mounting options from Ikea do not completely attach to the TV; the TV hangs from the mounts, so if you push up on the TV, it can become dislodged and fall.


Other Options

Ikea also makes several pieces that are storage items with built-in TV mounts. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Most have drawers you can use to store DVDs or other TV accessories, and have space for stereo components. You can also buy TV mounting brackets from a variety of other companies at your local electronics store. Lastly, Ikea also makes the Observator, which allows you to mount TVs that are not flat screen. This unit attaches to a wall and extends out like a shelf. You place the TV on the shelf and tie it down tight with a bungee cord, belt or rope.