How Is Technology Used to Help Communication?

Communication is a core element to society's foundation. Communication is used in families, amongst friends, in schools, and in government. The advancement of technology has helped to advance the ways in which we communicate with each other. One way technology has advanced communication is through the birth of electronic communication devices. Cell phones, social networking websites, email, and faxes are a few examples of electronic communication devices. These devices have helped to make communication more accessible and convenient.

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Technology has advanced communication through the birth of electronic communication devices.


Use email, instant messaging, social networking and even video chat as an alternative to long distance phone calls.

Technology has made communication more convenient by creating more ways to communicate. This is especially true with long distance communication. Internet communication devices have made staying in touch with people who live far away easy. Email, instant messaging, and social networking websites are examples of convenient ways to keep in touch with friends and family. The computer software needed for these kinds of communication is readily available, usually free, online.

Communicating to the Masses

Use electronic communication to easily send holiday wishes to a large list of friend via a mass email or max text message.

Sharing information with a large number of people is convenient with electronic communication devices. For example, many businesses and academic institutions rely on mass emailing to send information to a large number of people. To send a mass email all you have to do is type your message and then fill in the "To:" field with the addresses of the people you want to send the email to. If you are constantly sending mass emails to the same group of people you can save yourself time by creating a group contact list. Name the group contact list appropriately. When you want to send the group an email all you have to do is insert the group contact list name in the "To:" field.

Electronic communication devices are also beneficial for personal communication. For example if you want to wish some of your friends a "Merry Christmas" you can conveniently do so with a text message. Start a new text message in your cell phone and fill out the "To:" fields with the friends you desire to wish good tidings to. When you have the "To:" fields completed type in your message and hit send.

Cost Effective Communication

Avoid the cost of postage by emailing documents instead of mailing them.

Technology-based communication often helps you to save money. Instead of sending a letter, which costs you postage, you can type and send an email at no cost. Using cell phones to call long distances is another way technology has made communication more cost-effective. The best way to know if you can save on long distance phone calls with your cell phone is to contact your cell phone provider and ask about long distance policies.

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