How to Add a Logo in Photoshop

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Add any logo to your Photoshop composition using the "Place" command.

In addition to its renowned photographic editing capabilities, Adobe Photoshop allows users to combine photographs, artwork and text to create entirely unique graphic art. Photoshop users can use the program's "Place" command to combine multiple photographs or to combine their graphic designs and photographs with artwork made in another program. This option allows users to import vector graphics as well, making it perfect for adding a logo or other branding mark to a photograph or piece of graphic art.


Step 1

Run Photoshop. Click "File" > "Open" and locate the photograph or artwork file you want to add your logo to. Click "Open."

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Step 2

Navigate once again to the "File" menu and select "Place."


Step 3

Find the image or artwork file containing your logo, click on it, and click "Place." The logo, surrounded by a bounding box and handles, will appear on top of your original document.

Step 4

Click and drag any of the corner handles while holding down the "Shift" key to rescale your logo proportionally. Click within the logo's bounding box and drag to move the logo. Press the "Enter" ("Return" for Mac users) key to commit to the placement and sizing of your added logo.



Step 5

Return to the "File" menu and select "Save As." Enter a new name for the file that indicates it includes your logo, and select a save destination for the file. Choose a file format from the "Type" drop-down menu ("Format" for Mac users). Click "Save."




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