How to Create a Logo With Your Picture

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A logo is a symbol that identifies a person or company to the public. An effective logo should be visually memorable and easily recognized. Logos often include both text and images that come together to create a calling card for the company or person the logo is meant to represent. Using a combination of text and your photo, you can create a distinct logo that will accomplish this task.


Step 1

Open your picture in an image-editing program. Start with a high-quality scan of your image. Edit your picture until it looks the way you want it to appear in your logo. You may want to apply special image effects to give your image a particular look. Image effects will vary, depending upon your image-editing software: GIMP (free), Photoshop or any image software that allows you to apply special effects and text to your image.


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Step 2

Add text to your image. Use the text-box tool to place your name, the name of your company, or any tag line for your business you want to include in your logo, then click the text to drag it to where in your logo you want it to appear. Try placing text under and above the image, then try laying it on top of the image at different angles until you find a visually appealing presentation.


Step 3

Edit the text for style and color. Try applying text effects such as drop caps, shadow and textures to get a look that goes well with the image. If your text is over your photo, choose a color and font style that will be easy to read. A logo should be immediately recognizable and hard to forget once it's been viewed.



Step 4

Save your logo in a lossless-quality image format such as GIF or TIFF that you can use at a professional printer to create letterhead, business cards and other documents you'll want to associate your logo with. This will ensure that you always have a good-quality logo to print with.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer

  • Image-editing software

  • Scanner



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