How to Make Words Appear Over a Picture on Publisher

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Text overlays can be used to describe the images behind them, or the background image may be used to compliment the text title in the foreground. If you need to use text overlays for either purpose in Microsoft Publisher, you won't need to use any image editing software to prepare your text and background for use in your Publisher project -- you can combine text and images using Publisher's toolbars.


Step 1

Launch Microsoft Publisher. Click on the "Start" button and select the "All Programs" option from the Start menu. Click on the "Microsoft Office" option in the All Program menu and then click "Publisher."

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Step 2

Insert an image into your document. Click on Publisher's "Insert" tab. Click on the "Picture" button to load an image from your computer.


Step 3

Return to the "Insert" tab and click either the "Text" button to insert standard text or the "WordArt" option to insert graphical text.

Step 4

Draw your text box over your image. Drag your mouse diagonally, in any direction, to draw your text box. Type your text into the box.



Step 5

Click the "Home" tab, then click the "Bring Forward" button under the tab and select the "Bring to Front" option.

Step 6

Click the "Office" button. Select the "Save as" option from the Office menu to save your work.

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