How to Add a Submit Button to a PDF

By Amy Dombrower

One of the most popular uses for portable document format (PDF) documents is the interactive form. Using Adobe Acrobat, you can create a PDF form that users can fill in electronically and send back to you. After setting up the interactive form fields and before distributing it, Acrobat will automatically add a submit button if you don't add one manually. However, you can add your own customized submit button, allowing users to submit completed forms via a web server, database or attached to an email.

Things You'll Need

  • Adobe Acrobat

Step 1

Open an interactive PDF form in Adobe Acrobat.

Step 2

Click the "Tools" menu. Under "Forms," select "Button Tool."

Step 3

Position your cursor on the document where you want to insert the button. Double-click to create the button. The "Button Properties" dialog box opens.

Step 4

Enter a label for the button on the "General" tab in the "Name" field. Choose other options on the "General" tab if necessary.

Step 5

Click the "Appearance" tab to set the options for the look of the button. Select the border and fill colors you want, type of border line and text attributes for the button.

Step 6

Click the "Options" tab. In the "Layout" menu, select the option you want for the button. Choose to either make it a label, an icon or a combination of both. Type something similar to "Submit Button" in the "Label" field to identify it. If you are including an icon, click "Choose Icon" to upload an image.

Step 7

Click the "Actions" tab. Click the "Select Action" menu and choose "Submit a Form." Click "Add."

Step 8

Type the location where users should submit the form in the "Enter A URL For This Link" field. If you're collecting the forms on a web-based server, enter the URL in the format of: "http://www.[domain]/[folder]/[subfolder]/." If it's a local server, enter "\\[server]\[folder]\[subfolder]\." To collect the forms as an email attachment, enter "mailto:[email address]."

Step 9

Specify the options you prefer under "Export Format, Field Selection and Date Options." If you want the completed PDF returned, select "PDF" under "Export Format." The "FDF" option will just return the user input, not the whole PDF. Click "OK."

Step 10

Click "File" and "Save" to save the changes to the form.