How Do I Make a Logo into a Link?

HTML markup can turn a logo image into a clickable link.
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You can make a logo into a link by adding HTML markup that tags the image as a link. The process to add the markup depends on the tool you use to add it. Some programs, such as Microsoft Outlook, provide a menu option to easily add links. Other tools, such as WordPress, have an HTML editor with a button to add a link. If neither option is available, you can type the HTML markup manually to make a logo clickable.

If you have a menu option to insert a link, click to highlight the logo image and choose that option. If you have a button in an HTML editor, click to highlight the logo and click the button. Type the URL for the link, when prompted. If you're asked for a title that describes the link, type a description, such as a company name. Some editors also provide a check box you can enable to have the link open in a new browser window when a user clicks it.

Inserting HTML Markup Manually

If you must type the HTML markup manually, open the relevant HTML page in a text editor, then look for the HTML code that includes the logo in your document, for example:

In front of the code for the logo, add an HTML anchor tag and the URL for the link. Add a title that appears when a user hovers his mouse pointer over the logo. Specify a target window if you want the link to open in a new window. After the code for the logo, close the anchor tag you opened. For example:

If you don't want the link to open in a new window, eliminate target="_blank".

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