How to Create Buttons on Word Documents

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Microsoft's Word software is a word processing application that enables you to create various documents for all kinds of personal and business purposes, from simple lists to detailed reports. If you make documents that require interaction, such as fill-in forms, add buttons to support your content and give users the ability to provide you the information. Using the Word program, you can easily create your own buttons that you need by using the provided tools.


Step 1

Launch the Microsoft Word application and create a new page.

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Step 2

Select the "HTML Object" option under the "Insert" menu or "Insert" tab and click the "Option Button" to create a small, circular (radio) button. These elements are typically used when you want to present the users with various choices, such as "yes" or "no," so that they can mark the one that applies to her.


Step 3

Repeat step two, but this time click the "Reset" or "Submit" option to create buttons that display these terms. If preferred, change the button text by entering a new word in the "Text" field. Click the "OK" button when done.

Step 4

Save your document to record your work.


If you are posting your form to the Web, activate your "Submit" button by double clicking on it to bring up the dialog window, type "post" in the "Method" text field and then enter the link to your form script in the "Action" field. The script, which is available from your Web host provider, processes the submitted form data and sends this back to you.