How to Display Field Names in PDF Form

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You can create easy-to-use fields in Adobe Acrobat that will allow your users to enter information in your documents. To aid your users in differentiating one field from another, you can create tool tips that help emphasize the field's name. These tool tips create a small pop-up whenever the user mouses over the field. The pop-up can contain the name of the field and whatever additional information you think would be beneficial.


Step 1

Start Acrobat by clicking "Start," typing "Acrobat" into the search bar and then clicking the "Adobe Acrobat" result.

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Step 2

Open the Acrobat form tools window by clicking the "Forms" menu and then "Form Tools."


Step 3

Point the mouse cursor to the form tools window that opens on the left side of the Acrobat interface, and select a form by clicking it.

Step 4

Point the mouse cursor to the workspace and click the location that you want the form to be in.


Step 5

Type the name of the new form beneath the "Field Name" entry that appears. If the end user will be required to fill this form out, click the "Required Field" check box.


Step 6

Click the blue "Show All Properties" link at the bottom of the dialog box.


Step 7

Point the mouse cursor to the "Tooltip" entry in the "Text Field Properties" dialog box that opens.

Step 8

Enter the name that you would like the end user to see in the "Tooltip" field.




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