How to Add Arrows to Pictures

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When the subject of a picture isn't distinct and immediately recognizable, arrows overlays can be effective in directing the attention of viewers to the image's focal point. And when you set the arrow's color to contrast with the image, arrows can be even more effective in grabbing the attention of viewers. And with the help of Microsoft's Paint utility, you can draw arrows over images on your computer.


Step 1

Start Microsoft Paint. Click on the "Start" button, and then type the word "paint" into the Start menu's search box. Click on the "Paint" icon when it appears in the Start menu.

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Step 2

Click on the "Paint" button. Select the "Open" option from the Paint menu. Locate the image you'd like to work with, using the file explorer window that appears.


Step 3

Select the color from the palette in Paint's "Colors" section. Click on one of the arrows in the "Shapes" section -- you can select a "Left arrow," "Right arrow," "Up arrow" or "Down arrow."

Step 4

Position your cursor over the area of the image where you'd like the base of your arrow to originate. Because your arrow's length and height will expand from the point you select, you'll need to position your cursor slightly off target.



Step 5

Hold down the right mouse button, and then drag the cursor toward the target -- the arrow will be drawn behind the cursor. Position your cursor so that the arrow's tip points right at the target.

Step 6

Return to the "Paint" menu and then click on the "Save" option.

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