How to Add Links to Wallpaper

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Add links to your Desktop Wallpaper

Staring at your background image is not the only use of your Desktop Wallpaper--the background of your computer can be more interactive than you think. Because you can load a web page document (a ".html" file) as your background image, you can construct a web page document that contains links to web sites you visit frequently. Then, by clicking the link on your wallpaper, your web browser will open the page you clicked.


Step 1

Open Notepad, by going to "Start>Programs>Accessories>Notepad."

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Step 2

Type the following HTML code to create your links: Google

My Email


If you'd like to add different links, simply type the address of the page in the "a href=" section and the title of the link after the ">".

Step 3

Go to "File," "Save as," save your file with the name "my_wallpaper.html" and save it in a place you'll remember.



Step 4

Right-click on some blank space on your Desktop and click "Properties" to open the Display Options window.

Step 5

Click the "Desktop" tab, then click the "Browse..." button. Navigate to the folder that contains your HTML file, and click "Open," then click "OK" in the Display Options window. You'll see your links in the top left corner of your Desktop Wallpaper. Click on a link to open it in your Web Browser.

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