How to Save a Web Page on Your Desktop

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If you come across an interesting website, you may want to save the page so you can view it at a later time. You may also want to save it for other purposes, such as inserting it into a document. While you can save the page to your browser's Favorites or Bookmarks, you can also save the link directly to your desktop. As long as your left mouse button is in working order, you should have no problems.


Step 1

Open your Internet browser and navigate to the web page you wish to save to your desktop. Click the "Square" icon at the top right of your browser window to change size of your browser. Your desktop should be visible in addition to the web page.

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Step 2

Move your mouse to the site's icon in the "Search" bar. The icon is to the left of the site's address. Click and hold down the left mouse button.



Step 3

Drag your mouse to your desktop and release the left mouse button. The site's link will appear on your desktop. You can double click it to access it.




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