How to Add to the Allow List in Windows Defender

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According to Microsoft, Windows Defender protects your computer from unwanted software such as spyware with real-time protection, access to the SpyNet community and a malware scanner that searches your computer for dangerous software. In some cases, Windows Defender can alert you of a possible threat arising from software or programs that you trust. To prevent another alert from the same software in the future, you must add the software to the Windows Defender allowed list to create an exception.


Step 1

Open the software or perform the action that causes Windows Defender to alert you to a possible threat. Allow Windows Defender to alert you about the software.

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Step 2

Click the "Always Allow" button under the "Action" menu on the alert screen. This adds the software to the Windows Defender allowed list and identifies it as software you trust.


Step 3

Type in your Administrator password if required or provide confirmation if you have User Account Controls activated on your computer. Close the alert box and continue using your software normally.


If you choose to monitor the software in the future, you can delete the item from Windows Defender's allowed list by opening Windows Defender and selecting the “Tools” menu.


Microsoft Windows warns users that programs with severe or high alert ratings can put your security or privacy at risk.