How to Adjust HD on a Sony TV

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Sony is one of the largest producers of high definition televisions in the world, with several lines of HDTVs made to fit everyone's needs. However, when connecting other HD devices to the television, you need to properly adjust the settings on the Sony TV. This is extremely important if you want to enjoy the best picture quality possible. Otherwise, you may end up viewing the programming or other content on a lower picture quality, essentially having wasted your money on the HD upgrade.


Step 1

Power on your Sony HD television. Point the remote control at the display and press the "Zoom" button. This button changes the image size on the TV. Although you can stretch the image and zoom into the content, you want to leave the picture at "Normal." You may find times where movies seem stretched so you need to press the "Wide" button, but typically the Sony TV performs the picture adjustments by itself, as long as it is in the normal setting.

Step 2

Press the "Picture" color button. Although this does not actually adjust the image quality of the video, it does alter the color slightly. There are different settings made for movies, sports or just everyday viewing. Scroll through the options by pressing the button until you find the setting you like.


Step 3

Push the "Menu" button on your HD cable receiver remote. When you fist sign up for HD television programming, you may notice your HD image does not look as good as you thought it would. This is due to the aspect ratio being off in the cable/satellite receiver's menu.

Step 4

Scroll through the "Menu" to find "Options," then "Video Options" (the exact wording is going to vary from company to company).

Step 5

Select "Aspect Ratio." Several different aspect ratios are now going to appear. Select the appropriate setting for your Sony HDTV (such as 720 or 1080). Accept the changes and you should see an improvement in your picture quality.