How to Block Computer Telephone Calls

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You may want to stop those computer-generated calls.

Computer-generated calls can cost money, time and aggravation. If you pay for incoming calls or messages left on your telephone, you may resent those computer-generated calls.There are many different purposes for computer-generated calls. Some schools place your child's name in a computer when he or she misses school, and when you answer the telephone, a computer-generated voice informs you that your child was not in school on a particular date. Some people may have their telephone service set up through the computer to save money and may be making personal calls. Telemarketers frequently utilize computer-generated calls.


Step 1

Determine whether the unwanted computer-generated calls are business or personal. Ask the person contacting you on a personal basis not to call you anymore. Contact your local telephone or cell phone company to ask how to stop unwanted personal calls, if personal calls continue. Follow its guidelines to stop unwanted personal calls.

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Step 2

Call 1-888-382-1222, from the telephone line that you want blocked, to prevent computer-generated calls from telemarketers. Enter your telephone number. Repeat for any additional lines you wish to have personal calls blocked on. Open the email that is generated by the telephone call and follow the instructions to complete the registration.



Step 3

Report continued telemarketer computer-generated calls, if the calls have not stopped after 31 days, to the Federal Trade Commission at the website listed in Resources.


You may have to re-register your name with the Federal Trade Commission if your telephone is disconnected or you change service plans.

Different telephone companies have different requirements for blocking unwanted telephone calls. Some may charge a small fee for that service. The Federal Trade Commission blocks all telemarketer calls free of charge.



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