How to Block Someone From Email

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Email is a useful tool for business and personal use, but unwanted emails can become a nuisance. Whether it is an acquaintance that forwards emails to everyone on his contact list or a persistent advertiser, it is frustrating when your inbox fills with unwanted correspondence. A few simple steps will help to prevent undesirable emails and streamline inbox management.


Step 1

Email programs vary in their navigation. Look for email options first. This is usually near the top of the screen, possibly on the toolbar if there is one.

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Step 2

Look for a "Spam" or "Junk Mail" option. This will likely give you a box to enter the email address you wish to block.


Step 3

Enter the email address that you wish to block.

Step 4

Select "Next" or "OK" to complete the operation.


Step 5

Repeat for any additional emails. You can also enter the domain name that the emails are coming from if you want nothing coming from that address at all. For example, to block just the sender, enter "" Enter "" if you want to block the domain name.



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