How to Boot to Disk Utility

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Disk Utility is the program included in the OS X operating system that allows you to perform repairs and first aid on disks connected to a computer. However, disk utility cannot repair the disk on which it is located. To repair the startup disk of the computer, you must boot up into Disk Utility using the Mac OS X Install DVD that came with the computer.


Step 1

Insert the Install DVD in the computer.

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Step 2

Click the power button on the computer and press "Restart." Press the "C" key on the keyboard right away and keep it held down.


Step 3

When the language selection window opens, release the key and select your language.


Step 4

Open the "Utilities" menu and select "Disk Utility." If you are using OS X 10.3 or earlier, open the "Installer" menu and select "Open Disk Utility." Disk Utility opens and you can repair any hard disk attached to the computer.



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