How to Build Your Own Sound Bar

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Sound bars are popular at parties.

A sound bar is a row of powered-speakers. A sound bar can be made at home to look and sound like a professionally made one. Sound bars are often used to connect to iPods, flat-screen TVs, monitors and other receivers. They are portable, compact and usually aesthetically pleasing. Unlike home theater receivers with multiple speakers and inputs, a sound bar requires little wiring -- just plug in the power and a device and it is connected.


Step 1

Purchase four to eight full range speakers with enclosures. The speakers' enclosures should be less than 10 inches in height and length.

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Step 2

Purchase an amplifier with as many channels as there are speakers. For example, a four-channel amplifier for four speakers. The amplifier should also match the power rating for the speakers. For example, if the speakers are rated at 50 watts each, then the amplifier should also have 50 W per channel.


Step 3

Arrange the speakers and the amplifier on a board of wood so they all fit. Cut off any excess wood, if it is not necessary.

Step 4

Attach the amplifier to the wood using screws and the amplifier's mounting brackets.


Step 5

Screw the speaker enclosures to the wood by drilling a screw through the bottom of the wood into the bottom of the enclosure. Use four screws per enclosure. Select a screw length that does not penetrate the enclosure deeply.

Step 6

Connect the speakers to the amplifier. Attach speaker wire to the positive and negative terminals on each speaker. Run those wires to the amplifier and connect the wires of each speaker to their own channel. Plug in an audio cable to the amplifier. Attach the power cord.



Step 7

Build an enclosure around the speakers and amplifier. Leave the side with the front of the speakers open. The enclosure can be four more pieces of wood. The top will be the same size as the bottom (where the speakers are attached). The back will be the height of the speakers and length of the bottom piece of wood. The sides will be the height of the speakers and width of the bottom. Use two screws on each side to hold the box together. Drill a small hole at the back to run the plug and audio cable out.


Step 8

Superglue the speaker mesh grill to the front of the sound bar.

Step 9

Paint the sound bar, if desired. Wait for the paint to dry.

Step 10

Plug in the sound bar, then plug the input cable into a device and test it out.



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