How to Burn an ISO File to USB

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A USB drive must first be bootable before an ISO file can be burned to it,

Netbook and other computer devices like the Apple Air may have either limited hard drive space or no CD or DVD drives to install certain files. An ISO file, which can be an operating system or other large file, can be transferred to an USB drive to install to your device. Your USB drive must be bootable before an ISO file can be extracted and transferred to the USB drive. A bootable USB drive means that certain programs will run and install once the USB is connected to your computer.


Step 1

Install software that will allow your USB drive to become bootable. For example WintoFlash is a portable software that will automatically extract any ISO files once loaded to your USB drive.

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Step 2

Plug the USB drive into your computer. Click on the start menu and navigate to "My Computer" to verify if your computer recognizes the USB drive.


Step 3

Designate your new USB drive location once the software is installed. For example you can designate the USB drive as F: to use as your hard drive. The software will configure itself to make the USB drive bootable.

Step 4

Install an extraction program for your computer. The ISO file must be extracted before you can successfully burn it to a USB drive. Use software is like WinZip to extract the ISO file.



Step 5

Click on the file you would like to have extracted. Your extraction software will extract a file and open its location for you to view the files.

Step 6

Click on your start menu and navigate to "My Computer". Click on your bootable USB hard drive which will open a separate window. Drag-and-drop the extracted files from your extraction software to your USB drive.

Step 7

Click on the application's setup file once loaded to the USB drive. Your computer will boot from USB drive and load the software.



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