How to Burn an SACD

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SACD, or "super audio CD," is a high quality type of compact disc that can hold higher quality music that sounds far better than a regular audio CD. Not just any CD burner program is going to have the capabilities to burn a super audio CD. If you want to burn one of these on your computer, you'll need to download and install a disc burning utility that is capable of meeting your needs.


Step 1

Use Nero Burning ROM. One of the many types of discs that Nero can burn is the super audio CD. Simply start Nero, select the "CD" category, select "SACD" and click "New." You can then drag your high quality audio files into the Nero window and burn them to a CD the same way you would a regular CD being burned through the same program.


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Step 2

Use Super Audio CD Burner. Super Audio CD Burner is a program that is designed purely for burning SACD discs on your computer. Once you have opened the program, drag all of the music files you'd like into the window. When you're done adding and arranging tracks into the appropriate order, click "Burn" to create the disc using your computer's burner.



Step 3

Use Deep Burner. Deep Burner is a free utility that can burn any type of audio CD you can imagine, including the SACD. Deep Burner operates very similarly to Nero and Super Audio CD Burner--open the utility, drag your appropriate files into the window, select "Super Audio CD" from the left side window and click "Burn" to create your disc.




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