How to Bypass Internet WiFi Password Connections

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Connect to a Wi-Fi network.

There are thousands of wireless networks located throughout the country, all of which your wireless-enabled computer has the capability of connecting to. For some Wi-Fi connections it is possible to bypass the password step in accessing the Internet, if the connection does not require a password. If the connection does require a password hacking into someone's own, personal network is illegal. Due to this, avoid wireless networks you do not know and don't have the password for.


Step 1

Enable the wireless receiver on your computer. If the computer is not already scanning for wireless networks, right-click the icon in the lower right corner of the desktop and choose to "Search for Available Wi-Fi Networks." In a moment a list of all the wireless connections appears on the desktop.


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Step 2

Scroll through the wireless networks until you find a connection that does not have a lock icon next to it. With these network connections you may bypass the actual password requirement.

Step 3

Select a network you know is free to use (such as one provided by a hotel, library or local coffee shop) and click "Connect." The computer attempts to connect to the Wi-Fi network, then once it is successful you are listed as "Connected."


Step 4

Close out the wireless display window and launch the Internet browser on your computer.




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