How to Calculate Averages in Microsoft Access

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Use queries to calculate averages in Access.

In database applications queries are commonly used to quickly get the average of a field in a database table. Queries are used to retrieve information from your table and can also do some heavy lifting such as data transformations or calculations. In a query you can use the "Avg" function to calculate the arithmetic mean of a set of values in a specific field.


Step 1

Click the "Create" tab and click "Query Design" to display the Show Table dialog window. Click the table you want to use to calculate an average and click "Add."

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Step 2

Double-click the field you want to use and click the "Totals" icon. Next to "Total:" in the quick table at the bottom of your computer screen select "Avg" to average the field.


Step 3

Click the "View" icon to view the average result.




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