How to Call Forward on a Roger's Wireless

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Calls can be forwarded from your Rogers cell phone to any North American phone number you wish.

Mobile phones allow us to be always accessible to those wishing to contact us. However, there come times when it is preferable to have incoming calls routed to another number. Call forwarding can be activated easily on Rogers phones with the touch of a few buttons.


Step 1

Turn on your Rogers cell phone.

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Step 2

Dial "21."

Step 3

Enter the phone number to which you want calls to be forwarded.


Step 4

Press "#."

Step 5

Push "Send." Calls to your wireless phone will now be forwarded to the phone number you entered.

Step 6

Dial "#21#" and push "Send" to cancel call forwarding.


Rogers charges a higher rate per minute for forwarded calls, but also offers a flat monthly rate for those who use call forwarding frequently.

Call Forwarding can also be set up to forward calls only when the line is busy or when there's no answer.


Calls cannot be forwarded to overseas phone numbers due to the difference in the number of digits.

Once call forwarding is initiated, voicemails will no longer be recorded.