How to Catch a Deathfish In "The Sims 3"

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In "The Sims 3," your Sims can take up fishing. As a beginner, your Sim will only be able to catch goldfish and minnows, but as he becomes more skilled he will be able to catch more rare types of fish, such as the deathfish. The deathfish is particularly useful to Sims when combined with Life Fruit to make ambrosia, which will give Sims a significant mood boost and reverse aging when eaten. It can also be used to resurrect dead Sims. The process of catching a deathfish can be time-consuming because it requires different types of fish to be caught first, but it will get easier as your Sim's skill level increases.


Step 1

Visit bodies of water around town to practice your Sim's fishing skills until she reaches level 5. At this level, the Sim is allowed to use previously caught fish as bait, which is necessary in order to catch a deathfish.

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Step 2

Direct your Sim to the supermarket and have him purchase cheese, and then visit a location where alley catfish can be caught. You can find these fish in the river near the warehouse in the Riverview neighborhood and in Stoney Falls, Landgraab House and at the beach in Sunset Valley. When your Sim arrives at the body of water, click on the water and select the "Choose Bait" option, and then select cheese from the list of available baits. Once you've done this, your Sim will begin fishing immediately. Keep fishing until he has caught six to eight alley catfish.


Step 3

Move your Sim to a location where she will be able to catch angelfish. These locations include the river and Lost Willow Park in Riverview and the park, the beach, Landgraab House, Crystal Springs, Stoney Falls and the Goth household in Sunset Valley. Select the "Choose Bait" option again by clicking on the water, but this time select alley catfish as the bait. Catch as many angelfish as possible before moving on.



Step 4

Wait until after midnight, and then have your Sim visit a location known to have deathfish. These locations include the graveyard pond in the Sunset Valley neighborhood and the fork in the river just north of the graveyard in Riverview. Deathfish can only be caught between midnight and 5:00 a.m. Select angelfish from the available baits, and then wait for a deathfish to bite. The amount of time this takes will vary, and at first, the quality of the deathfish your Sim takes home may not be the best. However, as your Sim's fishing skill level increases, so will the quality of the deathfish he is able to catch.



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