How to Center a Document in Microsoft Excel

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You can use Excel's built-in function to center a document when printing. Excel, like all Microsoft Office products, has a print preview function that allows you to fine tune the look of the document before sending it to a printer. You can also use the page setup feature.

Using Page Setup

Step 1

Click on "Page Layout" in the top menu.

Step 2

In the Page Setup group, click on "Margins" and "Custom Margins."

Step 3

Click on "Horizontally" or "Vertically" to center the document on the page. Click "OK." The document will print in the center of the page when you print as usual.

Use Print Preview

Step 1

Open the Excel document and set the print area. To do this, highlight the range of cells that you want to print. Click on the "Page Layout" tab in the top menu, then click on "Print Area" and "Set Print Area."

Step 2

You can preview how the page will look by clicking on the "Start" button, then "Print" and "Print Preview." In "Print Preview," adjust the margins to fit all of your content on the page.

Step 3

If there is too much information to fit on the page, you will need to select a smaller print area as described in Step 1 or change the scaling. To change the scaling, click on "Page Setup" on the "Print Preview" menu and then click on the "Page" tab. Under the "Scaling" heading, either adjust the percentage of normal size or click the "Fit to" button and force the scaling so it is 1 page wide.

Step 4

Center the document by changing the margins. Once you are satisfied that the document is appearing on the page correctly, click the "Margins" tab and then select the appropriate options under the "Center on Page" heading.


If you can’t quite get everything to fit on the page as you would like to, go back to normal view and adjust the column widths. The default widths are often too wide. Adjust them manually to allow more data on the document.