How to Change a Computer That Is Timing Out

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Whether you use your computer for home or for work, it is important that it be available when you need it. If your computer keeps timing out, it will take precious time to bring it back to life so you can use it. Fortunately there are some simple changes computer owners can make to keep their computers from timing out and going into sleep mode.


Step 1

Log on to your computer and click on the "Start" button. Choose "Control Panel" from the menu.

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Step 2

Double-click on the "Power" icon in your computer's control panel. Look at the power settings for each option.


Step 3

Adjust the power options so that the computer's hard drive, monitor and system resources do not turn off. Many computers are set to time out after a period of inactivity, but it can be time consuming to wake them from their hibernation. By changing the power options you can prevent your PC from timing out and make sure it will be there when you need it.





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