How to Turn Off Hibernation on a Dell Laptop

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Hibernate is a computer function that allows your computer to conserve battery power and save your work. It allows you to step away from your computer without closing all your work. A computer is set to enter hibernate mode after a certain amount of time. When it hibernates, it saves an image of your work and powers down the computer. You can return to your work at any time by "awakening" the computer by powering it on again.


Step 1

Turn on your computer and hit the "Start" button. Choose "Control Panel," then "Options."

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Step 2

Click the "Hibernate" tab.

Step 3

Uncheck the box that says "Enable Hibernation."

Step 4

Click "Apply."

Things You'll Need

  • Dell laptop

  • Windows operating system


You can control advanced settings in the "Advanced" tab. Here you can adjust when your computer does what power feature.