How to Maximize CPU Usage

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Maximize your CPU usage to increase computer performance.

CPUs, also known as central processing units, are the driving force behind computers. CPU's process all the data used by the computer and perform all the calculations needed for the computer to complete tasks. Without the CPU the computer would simply be a plastic box filled with circuits. The computer's productivity is directly related to the CPU. Maximizing your CPU usage enables your computer to perform at it's best constantly. Maximizing your CPU is done by changing settings in the Power Management menu.


Step 1

Press the "Start" button and click "Control Panel" from the list of options. Click "System and Maintenance" and then "Power Management."

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Step 2

Click the radial button next to "High Performance." Changing the power mode to high performance tells your computer to constantly use as much CPU as possible for all tasks.


Step 3

Click the "Advanced" link next to "High Performance." Scroll down to the "Minimum CPU Usage" field. Ensure the value entered in this field is at least 50, if not 100. The value in this field represents the percentage of the CPU constantly in use by the computer. A value of 100 forces your computer to use all of its CPU power for any task performed. Click "OK" to exit the window and save your changes.





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