How to Change a Default Mac Media Player

By Mario Calhoun

While iTunes is the default media player for Macintosh computers, you can also change the configuration settings on your computer so that a different Apple program or third-party program automatically opens your music and videos. Once the configuration settings have been changed, the new default player will open on your Mac computer instead of iTunes. Third-party media managers can be downloaded directly from the software's site, or you can search for them at software sites such as

Step 1

Click the "Finder" icon on your Macintosh screen's dock, and open your media folder. Alternatively, click "File" at the top of the screen and select "New Finder Window."

Step 2

Right-click the song or video, and select "Open with" from the shortcut menu. Select "Other" at the bottom of the sub-menu.

Step 3

Click the application from the Choose Applications list that you want to assign as the new media player, and check the box next to "Always Open With."

Step 4

Click the "Open" button in the Choose Application window to save the changes and open the file in the new media player.