How to Change a Home Page on a MacBook

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A MacBook computer equipped with Mac OS X comes with Safari, Apple's web browser, also available as a free download from Apple's website. Features of Safari include customizable privacy and security controls, Java and JavaScript support, and drag-and-drop bookmark organization. Safari users enjoy its Cover Flow interface, which allows the user to select a website from a collage of large graphic previews. As with other browsers, a user can customize many of Safari's options, including which homepage appears when the user opens the browser.

Step 1

Open Safari while connected to the Internet. If your Mac OS X is set to show application icons in a dock, click once on the icon that resembles a blue compass. If Safari is not in your dock, click on "Finder," then "Applications," then double-click on "Safari."

Step 2

Click on "Safari" in the top toolbar, which will bring up a drop-down menu. Select "Preferences" from the menu. The default tab "General" should be highlighted, but if not, click on "General."

Step 3

Place your cursor in the box immediately to the right of "Home Page:." Type in the complete web address of the page you want to appear as your home page when you open Safari.

Step 4

Close the Preferences menu by clicking the "x" in the corner. Safari automatically saves your selection.


If you find a useful page you like while browsing the Internet and want to make it your home page, open the Preferences menu and click on "Set to Current Page" to quickly change your home page to the page you are on.


For the safest browsing experience, always set your security and privacy preferences as soon as possible after getting a new computer or browser.

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