How to Change a Password on Pandora

Pandora's account settings screen looks a little different than those in most apps and websites. Rather than featuring a clearly labeled "Change Password" button, it simply has a field to enter a password. At first glance, you might think this field serves to log in to your account, but in fact it's used to choose a new password. After saving your new password, Pandora asks for your old one as verification.

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Change Your Password in the Pandora App

Open the Pandora Radio app for iOS or Android and back out of the currently playing station, if you have one open. Tap Settings and then Account to open your account settings.

Open account settings
Pause the station or leave it playing while you make changes in the Settings.
credit: Image courtesy of Pandora

Enter a new password in the Password field and tap Save. You don't need to change anything else on the page, unless you want to alter other account details.

Entering a new password
The password only appears in plain text until you save it.
credit: Image courtesy of Pandora

Enter your old Pandora password and tap OK to confirm.

Confirming with old password
If your old password is hard to enter on mobile, use the website instead.
credit: Image courtesy of Pandora

Change Your Password on the Pandora Website

Log in to Pandora in your computer's Web browser. Click your email address in the corner of the page to open a menu, and choose Settings.

Opening account settings
The menu displays atop every page on Pandora.
credit: Image courtesy of Pandora

Enter a new password on the Password line of the Account tab and click Save Changes.

Entering a new password
Change other details as necessary or leave them as they are.
credit: Image courtesy of Pandora

Fill in your old password and click Submit to confirm the change.

Entering old password
Changing your password won't sign you out.
credit: Image courtesy of Pandora
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