How to Change a Process Name on Windows Task Manager

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If a program listed in the "Processes" section of Windows Task Manager has a blank "Description" field, you can change the name of the process to help you better identify which program it is. To change the name of a process in Task Manager, you only need to change the name field displayed in the program's properties.


Step 1

Right-click an empty space on the taskbar. Click "Task Manager." Click the "Processes" tab.

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Step 2

Click "Image Name" to sort the processes alphabetically. Right-click the process you want to rename, then click "Properties."


Step 3

Right-click the process once again, then click "End Process." Click "End Process" once again.

Step 4

Return to the "Properties" window. Select the "General" tab. Erase the name of the process, but leave the file extension.


Step 5

Enter into the box the name you want to change the process to. Do not change or delete the file extension.

Step 6

Click "Apply," then "OK," to change the process name.


If you are not sure what the process does, look up the image name in a search engine.

If you change the name of a process, any files affiliated with that program may no longer run.

Check the location of the process before you attempt to change its name. If it is in the Windows or System 32 folders, do not change the process name.