How to Change an HP Printer from Offline to Online

It is not difficult to switch an HP printer to online status.

Sometimes you can't print a document because your printer is offline. This frustrating problem can be resolved easily on a Hewlett-Packard (HP) printer. All that is needed to switch an HP printer from offline to online is a computer mouse or computer touch pad. To ensure another printing problem doesn't exist, though, check the printer for paper jams, proper installation of ink cartridges and low ink.

Step 1

Turn on the computer to which the HP printer is connected. The printer does not have to be turned on in order to switch it from offline to online.

Step 2

Click once on the Start menu.

Step 3

Click "Devices and Printers."

Step 4

Click the icon for the HP printer you wish to use. Where the status shows "Offline," click the word "Offline" and then click the "Printer" option on the pop-up window that results. Uncheck the "Use Printer Offline" option.


If the HP printer continues to go offline, another issue, such as a virus or hardware or software problem, may involve further correction. Visit the HP website for more information or to contact technical support.

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