How to Change Ear Cushions on a Headset

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How to Change Ear Cushions on a Headset. If you use a headset frequently, it's important to change the ear cushion periodically. Ear cushions absorb a lot of sweat, dirt and makeup and can breed bacteria if not cleaned or replaced as necessary. This can lead to bacterial ear infections in extreme cases. Repeated and frequent use can also cause foam ear cushion to deteriorate and break into pieces over time.

Find Replacement Ear Cushions

Step 1

Check to see whether replacement ear cushions came with your headset. Headset manufacturers know you will need to change them at some point, so they often provide extras.

Step 2

Measure the actual speaker of the headset to see what size ear cushion will fit it. Most measurements are in inches or fractions of an inch.

Step 3

Shop online for replacement ear cushions. There are several specialty online shops that sell a variety of ear cushions in different sizes. Foam, cotton, and leatherette ear cushions are all available.

Step 4

Contact your headset manufacturer and ask how you can obtain replacement ear cushions. If the ear cushions for your headset are an irregular size, this may be the only way you can get replacements.

Replace Old Ear Cushions on Headsets

Step 1

Remove ear cushion by pulling it off the headset. Foam ear cushions come off with minimal force. Circumaural ear cushions--those that wrap around your ear--may take a little more effort, as they can be attached with a plastic adapter or sewn tightly around the speaker.

Step 2

Fit the new ear cushion around the speaker and check the size. If the ear cushion stays in place securely, you're done. If not, you might need to get a smaller size.

Step 3

Change ear cushions on a regular schedule if used consistently or as needed if used occasionally.

Things You'll Need

  • Headset with ear cushions

  • Replacement ear cushions


Clean ear cushions with hypo-allergenic detergent if they still have some life in them. Let them air dry on a paper towel before putting them back on the headset. Order replacement ear cushions in bulk if you run an office or call center that depends on headsets. You can save on the per unit price, and you'll always have ear cushions available when needed. Get headsets with ear buds instead of ear cushions. Ear buds can be cleaned by soaking in alcohol and do not need to be replaced as frequently as ear cushions.


Don't share headsets with other people. Bacteria from their ears can migrate to yours on the ear cushion. Replace ear cushions that fit in the ear more frequently than those that sit on the outside. In-the-ear ear cushions are also exposed to earwax.