How to Change Gmail Password

By Steve Gregory

Change your Gmail password through the Accounts and Import section of your Gmail account’s Settings page.

Since Google allows account holders to change their password at any time, regularly updating your Gmail password is a free and effective way to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your account. The Accounts and Import section of your Gmail account’s Settings page has the option to change your password. The only credential you need to complete the change is your current Gmail password.


Your Gmail password is also your Google Account password. Therefore, your new password is also the gateway to your account on other Google properties, such as Google Calendar, Google Voice and YouTube.

Step 1

Log in to your Gmail account and click the Settings icon, which resembles a cog, at the upper-right corner of the page. Choose Settings from the drop-down menu box to open the Settings page.

The Gmail Settings toolbar.


If you cannot remember your Google account information or you are experiencing a problem logging in to your Gmail account, visit the Google I Can't Access My Account page to resolve the problem.

Step 2

Click Accounts and Import and then click Change Password in the Change Account Settings section.

Click Change Password Recovery Options to manage your account recovery settings.

Step 3

Enter your current account password in the Password field to open the Password page.


You can also open the Password page by signing in to your Google Account Settings page. Browse to the Google Account Settings page and sign in to your account. Scroll down the page, click Password in the Sign In section and then enter your account password to open the Password page.

Click Need Help if you cannot remember your password.

Step 4

Create a new strong password that is in compliance with Google’s password requirements. For example, your new alphanumeric password must be a minimum of eight characters in length and it cannot be a password that you have used in the past year. Include both lower- and uppercase letters, numbers and special characters.

Enter the password in the New Password and Repeat New Password fields and then click the Change Password button to set the new password.


To increase the strength of your new password, consider using more than eight characters and avoid including common words or any personally identifiable information.

A message confirming the change appears after you click the Change Password button.


Use Google's Two-Step Verification feature to enhance your account's security by requiring phone verification in addition to a password for account access.


You also need to change your account password on all email clients, apps and devices — both desktop and mobile — that you use to access your Gmail account. In most cases, the email client, app or device prompts for the new password the next time you attempt to access your account.