How to Change .Mht to .Pdf

By Tammy Clevenger

An MHT or MHTML file is a Web archive file. Microsoft utilizes the MHTML file type to save Web pages in Microsoft Word. The PDF file format is the Portable Document Format file type originally created by Adobe Systems. Newer versions of Microsoft Word will open MHT files, and then save the files as PDFs without any additional software installations. Changing an MHT file to a PDF in Word is a straightforward task.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word installed

Step 1

Right-click on the MHT file to open the File context menu.

Step 2

Click the “Open With” option. A list of installed programs opens.

Step 3

Scroll to and click on the “Microsoft Office Word” option. The MHT file opens for editing in Word.

Step 4

Click the “File” option on the top navigation bar and then click “Save As.” The File Save dialog box opens.

Step 5

Click the “Save as Type” drop-down box and then click the “PDF (*.pdf)” option.

Step 6

Type a name for the new PDF file in the “File Name” input box and click the “Save” button. The MHT file is converted to a PDF file.